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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9 RC

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Internet Explorer

An anonymous reader writes “Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate. The new RC build includes a Tracking Protection feature, which gives users the option to control what third-party site content can track them when they’re online, as well as a new ActiveX filtering option, which allows users to turn on/off ActiveX plug-ins. Best of all, Microsoft has addressed what was arguably the biggest complaint with the new version: if you want your tabs on a separate line from the address box, there’s now an option to turn that on from the right click menu at the top of the browser. At the same time, IE9 RC is significantly faster than the beta version. Furthermore, many site rendering issues have been fixed, although we can’t say that it’s working perfectly. Last but not least, the new build includes hundreds of bug fixes.”

Source: Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9 RC

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