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Iran’s New Space Program

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eldavojohn writes “Coinciding with the 32nd anniversary of the Iranian revolution, Iran opened a center to receive satellite images built ‘entirely by Iranian engineers.’ Iran promised that by the end of their year (March of 2011) they would launch two observational satellites: Fajr (Dawn) and Rasad-1 (Observation-1). You might recall two years ago when they launched Omid, which completed about 700 orbits in two weeks. There are reports that new launch rockets will be revealed in February to launch the new satellites — all equipment is claimed to be entirely Iranian made. Iranian media is reporting that one of the satellites ‘carries remote measuring equipment that would be used in meteorology and identifying sea borders.’ The Iranian Student News Agency says Explorer 4 (Kavoshgar 4) is meant to transport humans and other living organisms into space, and that the sensory on the satellites ‘is able to find gas and oil resources, identify coal mines, jungles and agricultural products as well as salty-marsh and contaminated environments.’ These rapid fire achievements are not the only bragging Iran has done as of late; they also claim ‘new gamma radiation units for medical treatments and a supercomputer billed as among the top 500 most powerful in the world. But, fact or fiction aside, the satellites have old enemies speculating.”

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