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Book Review: OSGi and Apache Felix 3.0

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RickJWagner writes “OSGi is a Java framework that’s designed to simplify application deployments in shared environments. It allows applications with differing dependencies to run side-by-side in the same container without any deployment time contortions. The end result is that your application that needs FooLib v2.2.2 can run right beside my application that needs FooLib v1.0, something not often possible in today’s application servers.” Keep reading for the rest of Rick’s review.

OSGi and Apache Felix 3.0, Beginner’s Guide
author Walid Joseph Gedeon
pages 336
publisher Packt Publishing
rating 8/10
reviewer RickJWagner
ISBN 1849511381
summary A step-by-step beginner’s guide based on developing a case study

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