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An Open Letter To PC Makers: Ditch Bloatware, Now!

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MojoKid writes “This is the final straw, the last stand. This is the year that companies have to wise up and realize that they’re destroying the experience of the very machines they are marketing so vigorously against their competitors. We’re talking about bloatware, and it’s an issue that we simply cannot remain silent on any longer. The term ‘bloatware’ generally refers to any additional software installed on a machine that is not a native part of the operating system. ‘Bloatware’ is usually provided by third-party software companies, and can range from security suites to unwanted Web browser toolbars. It’s most problematic, as these programs generally attempt to boot up first thing, right as the OS is booting up, before the end-user ever has a chance to launch the program on their own accord. It’s time for manufacturers to take note: consumers do not want bloatware. It’s a royal pain from top to bottom, and moreover, it ruins your brand. When people think of HP and Dell, they immediately think of just how infuriating it is that their last ‘new’ PC took over one minute to boot up and become usable. To these companies: why are you saddling your machines with software that makes it less enjoyable to use? The solution seems pretty simple. If you still wish to include loads upon loads of third-party software, stick it all on a thumb drive and include it with every new machine. Problem solved.”

Source: An Open Letter To PC Makers: Ditch Bloatware, Now!

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