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Prison Cell Phone Smuggling Out of Control

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Hugh Pickens writes writes “KCRA reports that the number of contraband cell phones discovered in California state prisons has exploded as prison guards, staff and vendors are cashing in on smuggled phones that can fetch between $200 and $800. Although the large majority of inmates are using the phones to stay in contact with loved ones, there have been documented cases of escape attempts, drug deals and conference calls coordinated via smuggled cell phones. ‘The potential is there for the worst kind of activity,’ says Folsom Prison Warden Rick Hill. Even Charles Manson has been caught with a cellphone smuggled to him. ‘We know the problem is out of control,’ says State Senator Alex Padilla, who has proposed making such smuggling illegal in hopes of stopping the continued rise of contraband cell phones in prison.”

Source: Prison Cell Phone Smuggling Out of Control

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