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Early Hands-On Preview of Dell’s Streak 7 Tablet

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MojoKid writes “Dell recently started shipping their Streak 7 tablet and it’s the highly anticipated big brother of Dell’s 5-inch tablet, the Streak 5 that came out in September of 2010. The larger Streak 7 goes up against stiff competition with the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, though the Streak 7 is retailing slightly lower with or without a contract through T-Mobile. Regardless, the Dell Streak 7 offers some pluses over the Galaxy Tab, like its 5MP rear-facing camera, but comes up short in other areas, such as its lower resolution (800X480 )display — versus the Galaxy Tab’s 1024×600 display. The Dell Streak 7 also has NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 dual-core 1GHz processor under its hood for a rather snappy Android 2.2 experience, as you can see here in this early, hands-on preview of the device. In early benchmark testing, the Streak 7 is looking pretty strong versus the Galaxy Tab, which comes in neck-and-neck with the Streak 7 in Neocore, at around 54 FPS.”

Source: Early Hands-On Preview of Dell’s Streak 7 Tablet

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