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App — the Most Abused Word In Tech?

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Barence writes PC Pro has a blog exploring the misuse of the word ‘app’. Until the iPhone came along, the word ‘application’ largely meant a self-contained piece of software installed on a PC or Mac. Then Apple took ownership, trimmed it to three letters, and within months the word ‘app’ became synonymous with small widgets of code for smartphones. Now, Google’s pushing the boundaries of the ‘app’ definition even further. Google Chrome users will have seen a new addition to their browser recently: the Chrome Web Store. Here, you’ll find dozens of ‘apps’ to install and run directly from a handy icon on the browser’s home screen. Except, these aren’t ‘apps’ at all. They’re websites. Google’s idea of ‘apps’ are what we quaintly referred to in the good old days as ‘bookmarks.’ Does the word ‘app’ mean anything at all any more?”

Source: App — the Most Abused Word In Tech?

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