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Microsoft Calls Google’s Cheating Examples “Outlier”

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At the “Who Will Win the Spam Wars” roundtable at the BigThink conference this morning Google’s Matt Cutts, Bing’s Harry Shum and Blekko’s Rich Skrenta got together to discuss recent dramatic turns of events in the search market, most notably Google’s accusations that Bing is using Google user data gleaned from Internet Explorer and the Bing toolbar to improve its own results.

Cutts took issue with Microsoft’s statement that they did not copy Bing’s results, “Microsoft said they don’t copy the results and we have screenshots that prove that happened.” Indeed it does seem from Danny Sullivan’s post that the Google honey pot nonsense queries are showing up on Bing weeks later.

“Google engineers helped us discover a new form of spam,” said Shum “I wished the Google engineers had shared that with us before they went to press.” He went on “If you look at how each search engine ranks the results, Matt Cutts is referring to a few outlier examples. It’s not like we actually copied anything. We actually learn from the customers.”

Source: Microsoft Calls Google’s Cheating Examples “Outlier”

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