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The Hidden Reality Draws Ire From Physicists

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eldavojohn writes “Scientific American is running a piece by science journalist John Horgan attacking pop physicist Brian Greene’s latest offering, titled The Hidden Reality. He’s not entirely alone; Not Even Wrong backs him up and reminds us of a growing list of multiverse propaganda. The journal Nature ran a short piece (subscription required) trying to remind everyone that Greene’s book is more theory than fact, but apart from those three responses, the popular press seems to be gobbling up this tantalizing concept of a multiverse. NPR offers an excerpt while SFGate and The Wall Street Journal entertain us with interviews of the controversial Greene. The New York Times and Salon seem to think it’s worthwhile, with Salon even calling it ‘the science behind’ the multiverse theory. The New York Times thought it worthwhile to give Greene an op-ed column. For better or for worse, Greene has certainly brought this great debate to the public’s attention — similar to his exhibition of String Theory.”

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