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Reports: Egypt Shutting Down Noor, Its Last ISP

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We’re hearing reports on that the coverage of Noor Group’s DSL service, Egypt’s last standing ISP which powers the Egyptian Stock Exchange as well as the websites of Coca-Cola and Exxon Mobile is being shut down, meaning there is a risk of Egypt losing all Internet coverage.

According to Joseph Applebaum the shut down is occurring in stages and certain sites are still online, “noor.net shut all except NTG, the National Technology Group providing IT processing to the aviation, banking and financial sectors.” The ISP’s website itself is offline.

Jacob Appelbaum@ioerror
Jacob Appelbaum

It looks like our last terrestrial hope has been shut down; my connections to systems on Noor are all down. #egypt #jan25

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Update: The Huffington Post is reporting that Rensys is also confirming the Noor shut down.

Source: Reports: Egypt Shutting Down Noor, Its Last ISP

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