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Facebook-Deprived Man Sues For $500K

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broggyr writes “According to a story from MSNBC: ‘For Mustafa Fteja, Facebook is more than just a hobby. It’s the main way the 30-year-old Albanian native has stayed in touch with friends and family all over the world for three years, and when he was inexplicably cut off from it, he did what every other person in this country seems to do when they’re mad enough: he sued. In seeking $500,000, Fteja is suing Facebook for disabling his account, in which he had about 340 friends and family and had spent “timeless hours creating content and relationships [Facebook] benefited from,” the suit contends. He wants it back on, and he wants the company to pay for the damage of alienating him from his family and friends (about $1500 per friend/family).’ Must be nice when you can use a free site and expect to get paid when they cut you off.”

Source: Facebook-Deprived Man Sues For $500K

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