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Google Would Beat Bing At Jeopardy, Says Wolfram

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destinyland writes “Stephen Wolfram, the physicist behind the Wolfram Alpha ‘answer engine,’ believes that Google would beat Bing in any contest based on questions from Jeopardy. ‘Wolfram took a sample of Jeopardy clues and fed them into search engines,’ explains one technology blog. ‘When it came to the first page, Google got 69 percent correct, just beating Ask with 68 percent and Bing on 63 percent. … To put that into context, the average human contestant gets 60 percent of answers correct, while champion Ken Jennings has a record of 79 percent.’ Interestingly, Wikipedia came in last, scoring 23%, though they may have more to do with how Wikipedia handles searches. In two weeks, IBM’s Watson computer will compete on Jeopardy against two of the show’s all-time human champions.”

Source: Google Would Beat Bing At Jeopardy, Says Wolfram

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