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Naming Bi-Directional Streams In an API?

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DingoTango writes “My coworker and I are designing an infrastructure API to manage data streams. It will allow a client developer to set up streams going to and from some invoked server functionality, and allow a server developer to write services that both consume and produce streaming data. Our quite civil disagreement involves naming: From the perspective of the client platform, the client’s output stream goes to the server, and input stream comes from it. For the purpose of any ensuing discussion, let’s call this the ‘Local’ perspective. However, if the client developer considers the service to be a widget, then the stream going to the service is the input stream and the stream coming from it is the output. Let’s call this the ‘Widget’ perspective. As this is an infrastructure utility, we aren’t able to name the streams according to function. What say ye, Slashdot? Is there any precedence, experience, or ungrounded yet vociferous opinion that will resolve this for us?”

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