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Carmack Says NGP Is a ‘Generation Beyond’ Smartphones

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Portables (Games) donniebaseball23 writes “id co-founder and all-around programming genius John Carmack, who has become a bigger fan of the iPhone and iOS platform recently, has given his take on the technical aspects of Sony’s Next Generation Portable. He says that ‘the Sony NGP [will] perform about a generation beyond smart phones with comparable specs.’ Essentially, the fast approaching round of iOS and Android devices will still be well behind the capabilities of Sony’s new handheld, which comes close to reproducing PS3-like visuals.” New details have emerged since the NGP’s confirmation yesterday: there will be different versions of the device, all of which can connect over Wi-Fi, but only one of which has 3G connectivity. The battery life will be similar to the original PSP, and the NGP will have two proprietary memory card slots. Sony says they considered 3D for the device, but they don’t see how it translates to portable gaming. 1up has a hands-on with the NGP, as well as video of Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 tech demo.

Source: Carmack Says NGP Is a ‘Generation Beyond’ Smartphones

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