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Apple To Launch Universal GSM-CDMA iPhone 4 Bumpers

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Universal iPhone 4 Bumper

Apple seems to be all set to release new universal iPhone 4 bumpers that would fit both, the GSM iPhone as well as the soon to be released CDMA iPhone.

Soon after the announcement of the CDMA iPhone, it was noticed that the latter had a slightly different location for the mute switch. This was due to the Verizon iPhone’s modified antenna design, which necessitated an extra break in the metal in the top left. This caused the mute switch to be marginally moved down closer towards the volume control buttons.

With just a few days left for the launch of the CDMA iPhone, Apple is busy replacing its current stock of older bumpers that would fit only the GSM iPhone 4s, with newer models that would fit both.

A YouTube video posted earlier this week showcases these new bumpers. To accommodate both the iPhone variants, the cut out on the bumper, near the mute switch has been widened marginally.

Even Apple’s Online store has been updated with these new “B†models in place of the older “A†models. The only thing left to be changed are the product images which still remains the same.

In related news, as Apple prepares for the CDMA iPhone launch the company has issued a vacation blackout for all its retail store employees between February 5th and 18th. This is due to the expected surge in the number of people queuing up for the CDMA iPhone at the time of its launch.

The Verizon iPhone, as you might be already aware arrives on February 10th.

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Source: Apple To Launch Universal GSM-CDMA iPhone 4 Bumpers

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