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iOS 4.3 Multitasking Gestures Demoed On The iPhone

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iOS 4.3

Some of our readers were disappointed to find out that the new four- and five-finger multitouch gestures for iPad that were first noticed in iOS 4.3 beta will not be enabled for customers in iOS 4.3, based on the clarification issued by Apple in iOS 4.3 beta 2 release notes.

The new multitouch gestures had led to speculations that Apple may remove the home button from the iPhone and iPad. Though the idea of using multitouch gestures to get rid of the home button sounded pretty cool for the iPad, they did not seem to be practical for iPhone users due to its smaller screen.

We are even more convinced when we saw the YouTube video below where a user has managed to get the new multitouch gestures to access the home screen and switch between apps working on the iPhone.

Meanwhile, BGR is reporting that Apple has been testing the new multitouch gestures on the iPhone. They have managed to get screenshots of the multitasking gestures feature from an internal Apple test model of the iPhone 4 showing a special build of the iOS 4.3 beta (8F5148c).

What do you think? Do want want the multitasking gestures for the iPhone? Do you think removing the home button is a good idea or do you think it will lead to serious discoverability issues for new users as pointed out by John Gruber? Do tell us know in the comments section below.

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Source: iOS 4.3 Multitasking Gestures Demoed On The iPhone

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