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Firefox 4, A Huge Pile of Bugs

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surveyork writes Firefox 4.0 beta 9 (AKA “a huge pile of awesome“) was released on January 14, 2011. Firefox 4′s release schedule includes a beta 10 and a release candidate before the final launch in late February. However, one wonders if this schedule won’t slip again, since there are still more than 100 “hardblocker” bugs, more than 60 bugs affecting Panorama alone and 10 bugs affecting the just-introduced Tabs-on-Titlebar. Some long-standing bugs wont’ be fixed in time for Firefox 4 final either (example, example). Many startup bugs are currently pending, although Firefox 4 starts much faster than Firefox 3.6. As a side note, it’s unlikely that Firefox 4 final will pass the Acid3 test, despite this being a very popular demand amongst Firefox enthusiasts. Perhaps we’ll have to wait until Firefox 4.1 to have this “huge pile of bugs” (mostly) fixed.”

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