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The Fall of Wintel and the Rise of Armdroid

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hype7 writes “The Harvard Business Review is running a very interesting article on how this year’s CES marked the end of the Wintel platform’s dominance. Their argument is that tablets are going to disrupt the PC, and these tablets are predominantly going to be running on Google’s Android powered by ARM processors — ‘Armdroid.’ Quoting: ‘Both Microsoft and Intel have suffered from the same problem that most successful companies face when dealing with disruption. They cannot find a way to profitably invest in low-end offerings. Think about it from Microsoft’s point of view: now that Windows 7 has been developed, to sell another copy, they don’t have to do a single thing. Because of this, it becomes very hard for any executive to advocate the complete development of a low cost OS that will run on tablets: not only would it cost Microsoft a lot to develop, but it would result in cannibalization of its core product sales. Intel has the exact same issue. Why focus on Atom, or an even lower-end chip, when there is so much more margin to be made by focusing on its multi-core desktop processors?’”

Source: The Fall of Wintel and the Rise of Armdroid

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