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“Squirrels” And 100 Other Reasons Why Tumblr Is Down

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With Tumblr recently experiencing a 24-hour offline stint and a reported single 9 of service reliability, there are plenty of jokes about the microblogging service’s infamous downtime (most I’ve heard have at least a tenuous WikiLeaks connection).

Here’s the most Tumblr elaborate satire piece yet: Go to http://wellbebackshortly.com/ and hit refresh. Hit refresh again, and again.

Created by Adam Hemphill, the site is a riff on the Tumblr “We’ll Be Back Shortly” page and generates over a hundred hypothetical excuses as to why Tumblr is down so Tumblr doesn’t have to. (Tumblr is currently UP, at the moment.)

Some of the best:

“Does anyone know how to fix a “database cluster”? #lazyweb”

“Cocaine is a hell of a drug”


“We’re a free service. Goddamn.”

“Did we mention we re-hired Jakob Lodwick this weekend?”

“The rent is too damn high”

“I am away from my computer right now.”

“Eduardo froze the accounts”

Oh hell, every single one of these is good. See for yourself.

Squirrel teaser image: Buzzfeed

Source: “Squirrels” And 100 Other Reasons Why Tumblr Is Down

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