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Righthaven Adds Forum Posters To Copyright Suit

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eldavojohn writes “The last time we discussed the Las Vegas Review-Journal and their litigating attorneys at Righthaven LLC, they were suing all the websites that had violated their news copyrights. Well, they’ve now added seven individual message board posters that they’ve managed to identify, bringing the number of DMCA-related lawsuits they have launched since March to 203. In one case, LVRJ is upset that a Google Groups user named Jim_Higgins posted a column that cited the columnist but failed to cite the original LVRJ article. But Google Groups is protected from these suits, as the article explains: ‘Both the madjacksports and Google sites are somewhat protected from copyright lawsuits because they have posted “DMCA” notices as required by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. These notices, which must be registered with the US Copyright Office, inform copyright holders who to contact if they would like infringing material removed.’ The first decision of this cluster of lawsuits was against Righthaven, yet the onslaught continues. Righthaven has publicly dismissed fair use as well.”

Source: Righthaven Adds Forum Posters To Copyright Suit

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