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Arx Fatalis Updated, Released Under GPL

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Kevin Fishburne writes “According to WtF Dragon at Ultima Aiera, ‘The long and short: Arkane Studios have released what is probably going to be the final patch for their Ultima Underworld-inspired game (which, indeed, they tried to license as the third entry in that series), Arx Fatalis. They have also released the source code for the game. That’s right, the complete source of Arx Fatalis is available for download.’ The readme notes that the original game installation is required in order to play the compiled game, as the data files are certainly still copyrighted. Linux is in need of a good FPS dungeon crawler, though the code will need a hell of a lot of cleanup as it’s a VC8/9 project and uses DirectX (ugh…).”

Source: Arx Fatalis Updated, Released Under GPL

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