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The Biggest Hoaxes In Wikipedia’s First Decade

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jbrodkin writes “Wikipedia will celebrate its 10th birthday on Saturday, with founder Jimmy Wales having built the site from nothing to one of the most influential destinations on the Internet. Wikipedia’s goal may be to compile the sum total of all human knowledge, but it’s also, perhaps, the best tool in existence for perpetuating Internet hoaxes. Top hoaxes include a student who fooled the entire world’s media with a fake obituary quote, Rush Limbaugh spouting inaccurate facts lifted from Wikipedia, the incorrect declaration of Sinbad’s death, Stephen Colbert’s African elephant prank, Hitler posters on the bedroom wall of a teenage Tony Blair, and several fake historical figures invented out of thin air. Wales has taken steps to head off vandalism including preventing unregistered editors from creating new pages and temporarily protecting controversial articles, but Wikipedia’s very nature makes it susceptible to the hoaxes described in this story.”

Source: The Biggest Hoaxes In Wikipedia’s First Decade

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