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Lustre File System Getting New Community Distro

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darthcamaro writes “Oracle acquired a lot of open source tech from Sun that has since been forked — or is in the process of being forked. The open source Lustre high performance computing file system isn’t on the list of forked projects, but it is getting a new, community-driven distro that is trying really hard to say that they’re not officially a fork. ‘Since April of 2010 there has been confusion in the community, and we’ve seen an impact in the business confidence in Lustre,’ Brent Gorda, CEO and president of Whamcloud told InternetNews.com. ‘The community has been asking for leadership, the commitment of a for-profit entity that they can rely on for support and a path forward for the technology.’”

Source: Lustre File System Getting New Community Distro

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