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Capcom ‘Saddened’ By Game Plagiarism Controversy

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Capcom’s recent release of action platformer Maxsplosion for the iPhone caused indie developer Twisted Pixel to call Capcom out for copying the concept from their successful Xbox Live game ‘Splosion Man. Twisted Pixel said they had no plans for legal action, since they were “too small to take on a company like Capcom.” The indie studio had even pitched the game to Capcom for publishing at one point, but were declined. Now, Capcom has released a statement denying that Maxsplosion’s development team had any knowledge of the meetings and saying, “MaXplosion was developed independently by Capcom Mobile. Nonetheless, we are saddened by this situation and hope to rebuild the trust of our fans and friends in the gaming community.”

Source: Capcom ‘Saddened’ By Game Plagiarism Controversy

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