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Balancing Choice With Irreversible Consequences In Games

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The Moving Pixels blog has an article about the delicate balance within video games between giving players meaningful choices and consequences that cannot necessarily be changed if the player doesn’t like her choice afterward. Quoting: “One of my more visceral experiences in gaming came recently while playing Mass Effect 2, in which a series of events led me to believe that I’d just indirectly murdered most of my crew. When the cutscenes ended, I was rocking in my chair, eyes wide, heart pounding, and as control was given over to me once more, I did the only thing that I thought was reasonable to do: I reset the game. This, of course, only led to the revelation that the event was preordained and the inference that (by BioWare’s logic) a high degree of magical charisma and blue-colored decision making meant that I could get everything back to normal. … Charitably, I could say BioWare at least did a good job of conditioning my expectations in such a way that the game could garner this response, but the fact remains: when confronted with a consequence that I couldn’t handle, my immediate player’s response was to stop and get a do-over. Inevitability was only something that I could accept once it was directly shown to me.”

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