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Amazon EC2 Enables Cheap Brute-Force Attacks

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snydeq writes “German white-hat hacker Thomas Roth claims he can crack WPA-PSK-protected networks in six minutes using Amazon EC2 compute power — an attack that would cost him $1.68. The key? Amazon’s new cluster GPU instances. ‘GPUs are (depending on the algorithm and the implementation) some hundred times faster compared to standard quad-core CPUs when it comes to brute forcing SHA-1 and MD,’ Roth explained. GPU-assisted servers were previously available only in supercomputers and not to the public at large, according to Roth; that’s changed with EC2. Among the questions Roth’s research raises is, what role should Amazon and other public-cloud service providers play in preventing customers from using their services to commit crimes?”

Source: Amazon EC2 Enables Cheap Brute-Force Attacks

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