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PC Shipments Recover Somewhat; Apple Share Jumps In U.S.

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The latest numbers for worldwide and US computer shipment sales have been made available by research group Gartner, and the results are about as interesting as they usually are; that is to say, a little. 2010 was a hard year in some ways, perhaps most so in that netbook sales, which boosted PC sales hugely in 2008 and to a lesser extent in 2009, have pretty much hit the wall. Tablets, or to be precise the iPad and the promise of other tablets, have done their work in taking a bite out of the cheap-PC market, though as many will likely point out in the comments here, they are very different devices. Nevertheless, the iPad has dented netbook sales, and as tablets mature, that trend will likely increase.

Apple’s portion of the US pie has increased quite significantly: a 23.7% jump brought them to a total of 9.7% of all computers sold in the country this last quarter. Why are more people buying macs? That’s a more complicated question than it sounds.

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Source: PC Shipments Recover Somewhat; Apple Share Jumps In U.S.

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