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Google Serves Places On The iPhone With A Side Of Hotpot

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Google Places is now on your iPhone. If you download the app (iTunes link) you get a mobile version of Google Places, Google’s local directory. It shows you nearby restaurants, coffee shops, bars, ATMs, gas stations, hotels, and other attractions. You can also search for any category you like, just like on Google Places proper or on Google Places for Android.

Google is also serving up the app with Hotpot, its new local recommendation service. When you sign in with a Google identity (like a Gmail username and password), you can rate and review places. When you click on aplace, it shows you the adress, cumulative rating, with buttons to see it on a map, get directions, or make a call. It also shows excerpts of reviews from around the web like on Yelp or Insiderpages, and below that are the native Google reviews.

Currently, Google Places does not have a lot of great quality reviews written by Google users themselves. Therefore, Google built the product on the backs of reviews from other sites on the Web. But Google wants to build up its own corpus of reviews, and with apps like this it is going straight to consumers to get them to rate and review places around where they live, work, and travel.

Source: Google Serves Places On The iPhone With A Side Of Hotpot

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