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In the Google Navy

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theodp writes “Having already assembled a private Air Force, Google’s top execs now seem to be turning their attention to building a personal Navy. At last count, CEO Eric Schmidt’s wife had assembled a stable of three classic racing boats — the Swan 80 Selene, the 46-foot W-class Equus and the Alerion Mischief. Perhaps not to be outdone, the press is reporting that Google founder Larry Page just snapped up a $45 million superyacht called Senses from New Zealand businessman Sir Douglas Myers, who referred to the ostentatious-yet-awesome yacht as his ‘adventure boat.’ As Google likes to say, ‘just the latest steps in Google’s commitment to a clean and green energy future.’ So, do Google execs eat their own carbon footprint calculator dogfood?” All I know is if Larry wants to go fishing, I’ll bring bait- or he can come here and fish on Zen’s pontoon boat. It only leaked once, the engine usually starts right up, and while there’s no helipad, I’d love to watch someone try.

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