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Is Mark Zuckerberg the Next Steve Case?

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theodp writes “With all signs for Facebook pointing up, author Douglas Rushkoff goes contra, arguing that Facebook hype will fade. ‘Appearances can be deceiving,’ says Rushkoff. ‘In fact, as I read the situation, we are witnessing the beginning of the end of Facebook. These aren’t the symptoms of a company that is winning, but one that is cashing out.’ Rushkoff, who made a similar argument about AOL eleven years ago in a quashed NY Times op-ed, reminds us that AOL was also once considered ubiquitous and invincible, and former AOL CEO Steve Case was deemed no less a genius than Mark Zuckerberg. ‘So it’s not that MySpace lost and Facebook won,’ concludes Rushkoff. ‘It’s that MySpace won first, and Facebook won next. They’ll go down in the same order.’”

Source: Is Mark Zuckerberg the Next Steve Case?

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