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mSpot Brings Movie And Music Streaming Service To Google TVs

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Mobile entertainment startup mSpot is launching its music and movie services on Google TVs today. mSpot’s free music cloud service allows you sync your entire music collection across a variety of devices; and the startup’s movie service streams full-length movie rentals between devices.

Once you have an mSpot account, you can then login to mspot.com from Google TV’s browser and can access all of your online music. mSpot offers free storage for the first two gigabytes (approximately 1600 songs), with additional storage available for purchase at 40 gigabytes for $3.99 per month. You can read how mSpot’s service works here.

You can access movies by clicking on an mSpot Movies icon in the Spotlight section on Google TV, or by visiting mSpotMovies.com. mSpot has struck deals with Paramount, Universal, Image Entertainment, and Screen Media Ventures to stream full-length movie rentals to users’ PCs and cell phones, allowing you to switch between both devices as you pick up and leave off throughout a movie. The startup has also optimized its movies to be viewed on the larger interface of a television. Movies range from $2.99 to $3.99 each.

Of course one possible competitor to mSpot’s integration into Google TV is Google’s own planned music service, which will surely be accessible across devices.

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