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USA Today Buys Consumer Electronics Review Network Reviewed.com

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The USA Today just announced the purchase of Reviewed.com, a group of 12 consumer electronics review sites that focus on gadgets, technology and more. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Reviewed.com network of sites include www.DigitalCameraInfo.com, www.TelevisionInfo.com, www.CamcorderInfo.com, www.PrinterInfo.com, www.HeadphoneInfo.com and reaches an average of 1,000,000 monthly unique readers. The site promised lab-tested reviews and gives consumers comparison tools to determine the best product for their needs.

So what will the USA Today do with Reviewed.com? It’s unclear from the release what the media giant’s plans are for the network. But it’s likely that the USA Today will integrate technology product reviews into its online offerings.

Dave Hunke, president and publisher of USA TODAY, stated, “USA TODAY’s acquisition of Reviewed.com is an important step as we develop our integrated consumer media strategy. We believe this combination of our consumer technology coverage and access along with their reviews and audience will be a winning one for our customers.”

Source: USA Today Buys Consumer Electronics Review Network Reviewed.com

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