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Peep Wireless Promises To Create P2P Viral Mobile Calling

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Here we go: the first outrageous claim of CES, right on time. Peep Wireless is attempting to create ad hoc P2P networks between mobile devices by turning them into “client/server viral transmitter/receivers.†What does that mean? It basically piggy backs on the phone’s wireless connection to connect one phone to the next and then route calls that way. Obviously we’re dealing with a few fatal flaws. First, if there’s only one Peep device in the area, you’re SOL. Second, carriers will never allow this, also putting you SOL.

Sascha Segan at PCMag asked how it worked and got this reply:

“Anything with ROM or RAM on it and a bus can use our system,†a company representative said in an email. “Any game box, any car with programmable Bluetooth, any PC in a café with Wi-Fi, any device you can download to or any device that uses a voicemail system. The first app we intend to launch is the iPhone App, to be followed by the Droid app, to be followed by the Win[dows] phone app to be followed by an API for anybody left out in the phone world.â€

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Source: Peep Wireless Promises To Create P2P Viral Mobile Calling

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