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OnLive To Be Built Into Vizio Devices

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Gamasutra reports that cloud gaming service OnLive has reached an agreement with Vizio to integrate OnLive directly into the hardware manufacturer’s TVs and blu-ray players. “Vizio also announced that it will introduce … tablets and smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system that integrate the gaming service through its Via Plus ecosystem. OnLive is already publicly available for Apple’s iPad, but that app is exclusively for spectating other people who are playing Onlive through PCs or the MicroConsole. Perlman said Onlive is coming to Vizio’s mobile devices with playable games. … Perlman also said that thanks to the open nature of the Android platform, manufacturers are creating more traditional game controllers for Android tablets. Some resemble a gamepad cut in half, where one half snaps on either side of the table screen, Perlman said. Certain Android tablets will also potentially work with Onlive’s official controller, if the mobile device supports the appropriate RF interface.”

Source: OnLive To Be Built Into Vizio Devices

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