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Digg Founder Kevin Rose Launches Private Newsletter Called Foundation

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Last year Digg founder Kevin Rose was mulling over a new video show called fforward. Fforward never launched, but the idea did change into something else.

Today Rose is launching Foundat.io/n, a private monthly newsletter where subscribers pay $3.99/month. The highlight will be an included video interview, product review, rant, etc.

The first Foundation video is being released today and includes the following email and a video interview with Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey. both are below:

Hello all, Kevin Rose here. Thanks again for subscribing to my
fforward newsletter.. I’m writing you because I have some exciting
news! I’m launching a new podcast and private newsletter today, which
is now called “Foundation” (formerly “fforward”).

What is Foundation?

Foundation is a monthly private email newsletter that features video
interviews, product reviews, rants, and early access to pre-launched

How do I get access?

Foundation videos will always be free of charge and available on
Revision3.com, iTunes, my blog (kevinrose.com), and tweeted out
(@kevinrose / @foundat_ion). That said, for newsletter subscribers
($3.99 per month), you’ll receive the videos without ads a week before
everyone else, along w/product reviews, rants, rumors, and early
access to pre-launched websites. To signup for the private newsletter
visit: http://foundat.io/n

How can I watch the first episode?

Right here:


Why are you charging?

I’m spending money on equipment, travel, and editing. As you’ll see in
episode 1, quality is very important to me, and I want to take the
extra time and deliver the best experience possible, without ads in
the video. That said, if you can’t afford the subscription, the
videos will be released to the general public one week after it’s
released to newsletter subscribers.

What else do I get as a newsletter subscriber?

I plan on releasing rants, product reviews, rumors, and occasionally
sending out early access to pre-launched websites.

What happens to fforward newsletter that I’m subscribed to?

I’m deleted this list, this is the last email you’ll receive from your
fforward subscription. To sign-up for the Foundation newsletter visit:


Thanks all, and I hope you enjoy the newsletter/videos!


Source: Digg Founder Kevin Rose Launches Private Newsletter Called Foundation

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