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Storm Botnet Returns as Part of New Year’s Attacks

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Trailrunner7 writes “A new spam campaign that appeared shortly before the New Year is part of a new effort by the crew behind the Storm/Waledac botnet and is using some rather elementary tactics–in combination with fast-flux–to attempt to compromise unsuspecting users. The new attack emerged late last week and is fronted by a fairly lame spam campaign that is sending millions of emails that appear to be holiday e-cards, one of the older and more threadbare techniques in this particular game. According to an analysis of the attack by the researchers at the Shadowserver Foundation, victims who click on the link in the email are directed to one of a number of compromised domains, which then redirect the user to another page that displays a message asking the user to download a fake Flash player. This, of course, installs a piece of malware on the victim’s machine.”

Source: Storm Botnet Returns as Part of New Year’s Attacks

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