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Apple iPad And iPhone 4 Top eBay’s Most Popular Searches For 2010

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With eBay handling more than 2 billion U.S. product searches a quarter, the marketplace can show what items are most desirable in a given time. We recently wrote about what was trending on eBay during the holiday shopping period, and today the market place is releasing its most popular product searches in 2010.

Apple dominated the list, with the iPad and iPhone 4 taking the top two spots, respectively. These gadgets were followed by Victoria’s Secret, Nintendo Wii Games, Nintendo DS, Playstation 3, Nikon d90, diamond ring, sunglasses and laptops.

While there were some outliers in the list (i.e. Victoria’s Secret), it seems that searches on the marketplace were dominated by electronics and gadgets. The iPhone 4 actually topped eBay’s “top shopped” list, which revealed top products that consumers actually bought (as opposed to searched for) on eBay. In terms of top shopped, the iPad followed the iPhone 4 in fifth place.

Collectively, the iPhone 4 (which sold 1.6 million related products) and the iPad accounted for over 2.2 million related products sold (this includes cases, etc.).

Interestingly, neither the iPad or iPhone 4 made Amazon’s top products list this year (both are not sold on Amazon); the Kindle took the stop spot on Amazon’s list.

Source: Apple iPad And iPhone 4 Top eBay’s Most Popular Searches For 2010

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