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Playstation 3 Code Signing Cracked For Good

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ReportedlyWorking writes “It appears that Sony’s PS3 has been fatally compromised. At the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, a team named ‘fail0verflow’ revealed that they had calculated the Private Keys, which would let them or anyone else, generate signed software for the PS3. Additionally, they also claim to have a method of jailbreaking the PS3 without the use of a Dongle, which is the current method. If all these statements are true, this opens the door to custom firmware, and homebrew software. Assuming that Sony doesn’t take radical action and invalidate their private keys, this could mean that Jailbreaking is viable on all PS3, regardless of their firmware! From the article: ‘Approximately a half hour in, the team revealed their new PS3 secrets, the moment we all were waiting for. One of the major highlights here was, dongle-less jailbreaking by overflowing the bootup NOR flash, giving complete control over the system. The other major feat, was calculating the public private keys (due to botched security), giving users the ability to sign their own SELFs Following this, the team declared Sony’s security to be EPIC FAIL!’”

Source: Playstation 3 Code Signing Cracked For Good

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