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Satellite-Based Laser Hunts Woodpeckers From Space

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University of Idaho scientists have figured out a more effective way to track woodpecker populations than following the incessant laughter. They’re using a laser onboard NASA’s Icesat spacecraft to determine where the birds might be living. From the article: “NASA’s Icesat satellite was initially intended for measuring glacial surfaces at the Earth’s poles but has proven to be quite effective in measuring vegetation also. The satellite’s laser bounces off of forest canopies, tree trunks and the ground making important characteristics about the forest easily measurable. For example, forest density is determined by the relative amount of light returned versus that which is returned from the ground. Once ideal woodpecker locations are identified ‘we actually conduct ground-based woodpecker surveys in these locations as well to verify it,’ says team-member Patrick Adam.”


Source: Satellite-Based Laser Hunts Woodpeckers From Space

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