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Is Reading Spouse’s E-Mail a Crime?

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Hugh Pickens writes “The Detroit Free Press reports that Leon Walker is charged with unlawfully reading the e-mail of Ciara Walker, his wife at that time, which showed she was having an affair with her second husband, who once had been arrested for beating her in front of her son. Walker says he gave the e-mails to her first husband, the child’s father, to protect the boy. ‘I was doing what I had to do,’ says Walker. ‘We’re talking about putting a child in danger.’ Now prosecutors, relying on a Michigan statute typically used to prosecute crimes such as identity theft or stealing trade secrets, have charged Leon Walker with a felony for logging onto a laptop in the home he shared with his wife. Prosecutor Jessica Cooper defended her decision to charge Walker. ‘The guy is a hacker,’ says Cooper, adding that the Gmail account ‘was password protected, he had wonderful skills, and was highly trained. Then he downloaded [the emails] and used them in a very contentious way.’”

Source: Is Reading Spouse’s E-Mail a Crime?

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