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African Villages Glow With Renewable Energy

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Peace Corps Online writes “The NY Times reports that as small-scale renewable energy becomes cheaper, more reliable and more efficient, it is providing the first drops of modern power to people who live far from slow-growing electricity grids and fuel pipelines in developing countries playing an epic, transformative role. With the advent of cheap solar panels and high-efficiency LED lights, which can light a room with just 4 watts of power instead of 60, these small solar systems now deliver useful electricity at a price that even the poor can afford. ‘You’re seeing herders in Inner Mongolia with solar cells on top of their yurts,’ says energy adviser Dana Younger. In addition to small solar projects, renewable energy technologies designed for the poor include simple subterranean biogas chambers that make fuel and electricity from the manure of a few cows, and ‘mini’ hydroelectric dams that can harness the power of a local river for an entire village. ‘It’s a phenomenon that’s sweeping the world; a huge number of these systems are being installed,’ says Younger.”

Source: African Villages Glow With Renewable Energy

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