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How To Be Popular On Facebook, Quantified

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Hugh Pickens writes “Network World reports that Facebook has just released an analysis of the word usage for about one million status updates from its US English speakers with the words in updates organized into 68 different word categories based on the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC)–a text analysis software program that calculates the degree to which people use different categories of words across a wide array of texts. The results? To be popular on Facebook all you have to do is write longer status updates, talk about music and sports, don’t be overly emotional, don’t talk about your family, don’t refer to time and use the word ‘you’ a lot. Facebook’s study also confirms something that bloggers and Fox News have known for years: negative comments produce more online activity. Sure, Facebook users might click the like button more often on updates expressing positive emotion. But Facebook found you can’t beat negativity for user engagement, as dismal status updates garnered more comments than positive ones.”

Source: How To Be Popular On Facebook, Quantified

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    I think is not easy to popular on facebook but i will try it.


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    Longer status updates do help but if you do them all the time it may come off as a bit try-hard and could have a negative effect.


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