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The DNSSEC Chicken & Egg Challenge

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wiredmikey writes “To begin DNSSEC implementation or not: that is the question facing a host of enterprises, notably any that engage in e-commerce or online financial transactions (online retailers, banks, investment firms, hospitality and travel, etc.). These businesses find themselves in a catch 22; there are obvious security benefits to adopting Domain Name System Security Extensions or DNSSEC, but there are some severe downsides to being too early in the adoption curve – downsides that are becoming more and more apparent every day. While DNSSEC is getting rave reviews for successful deployment at the foundation levels of the DNS, problems are lurking just ahead, since very few widely utilized end-user applications are able to actually utilize DNSSEC at all. Simply put, DNSSEC can only work if it is supported throughout the hierarchy from publisher to visitor…”

Source: The DNSSEC Chicken & Egg Challenge

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