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Do High Schools Know What ‘Computer Science’ Is?

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theodp writes “The first rule of teaching high school-level Computer Science should be knowing what CS is-and-isn’t. Unfortunately, many high schools offering ‘Computer Science’ really aren’t. Using her old California high school as an example, now-a-real-CS-student Carolyn points out that one ‘Computer Science’ class (C101) touted keyboarding ‘speeds in excess of 30 words per minute at 95% accuracy’ as a desired outcome, while another (C120) boasted that students will learn to use hyperlinks to link to other sites. While such classes fill a need, she acknowledges, they should not be called Computer Science. What’s the harm? ‘Encouraging more girls to take computer classes as they are now might have the opposite of the desired effect,’ she explains. ‘More girls might get the impression that computer science is only advanced application use, which might turn them off to computer science.’”

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