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Spamhaus Under DDoS Over Wikileaks.info

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achowe writes “Steve Linford of Spamhaus sent this to a private anti-spam list and asked that the message get out far and wide: ‘For speaking out about the crime gangs located at the wikileaks.info mirror IP, Spamhaus is now under ddos by AnonOps. As our site cannot be reached now [actually sporadic], we can not continue to warn Wikileaks users not to load things from the Heihachi IP. … AnonOps did not like our article update, here is what we said and what brought the ddos on us.’” At the conclusion of this message: “Spamhaus continues to warn Wikileaks readers to make sure they are viewing and downloading documents only from an official Wikileaks mirror site. We’re not saying ‘don’t go to Wikileaks’ we’re saying ‘Use the wikileaks.ch server instead.’” Here is Spamhaus’s full warning.

Source: Spamhaus Under DDoS Over Wikileaks.info

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