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Openwall Linux 3.0 — No SUIDs, Anti-Log-Spoofing

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solardiz writes Openwall GNU/*/Linux (or Owl for short) version 3.0 is out, marking 10 years of work on the project. Owl is a small, security-enhanced Linux distro for servers, appliances, and virtual appliances. Two curious properties of Owl 3.0: no SUID programs in the default install (yet the system is usable, including password changing); and logging of who sends messages to syslog (thus, a user can’t have a log message appear to come, say, from the kernel or sshd). No other distro has these. Other highlights of Owl 3.0: single live+install+source CD, i686 or x86_64, integrated OpenVZ (host and/or guest), ‘make iso’ & ‘make vztemplate’ in the included build environment, ext4 by default, xz in tar/rpm/less, ‘anti-Debian’ key blacklisting in OpenSSH. A full install is under 400 MB, and it can rebuild itself from source.”

Source: Openwall Linux 3.0 — No SUIDs, Anti-Log-Spoofing

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