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Feds To Adopt ‘Cloud First’ IT Policy

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theodp writes “The White House Thursday announced plans to restructure IT by consolidating federal government data centers and applications, and adopting a so-called ‘cloud first’ policy. Unveiled by federal CIO Vivek Kundra, the 25-Point Plan (PDF) calls for cutting 800+ data centers by 2015, as well as shifting work to cloud computing systems. The new ‘Cloud First’ policy cites the ability of Animoto.com to scale vs. the government’s short-lived Cars.gov (Cash for Clunkers), although Google Trends suggests this may be somewhat of an apple-to-oranges comparison for justifying a national IT strategy. As long as we’re talking clouds, a tag cloud of the 25-Point Plan underscores that the Feds are counting more on IT Program and Contract Management rather than Computer Science wizardry to deliver ‘the productivity improvements that private industry has realized from IT.’ Not to be a buzzkill, but those of you celebrating CS Education Week might be advised to consider an MBA if you want a Federal IT career.”

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