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Can ShoeDazzle Finally Make Celebrity Co-Founders Pay Off? (TCTV)

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According to CrunchBase, we have never written about 18-month old ShoeDazzle despite the fact that the company has raised $23 million in two rounds of funding, expects it’ll do $100 million in revenues next year and has Kim Kardashian as a co-founder.

Ok, maybe it’s partially because of that last factor. The Valley has always had an issue with LA and vice-versa. Let’s be honest: We loved it when MySpace fell to Facebook and love it even more when a celebrity fails at our game.

But I don’t think we’ll have that guilty-pleasure with ShoeDazzle. Social commerce is the rage and Jeremy Liew called this company the most underrated in his portfolio. Here’s how it works: You sign up for the site and answer a fun survey about your style. And every month ShoeDazzle’s stylists pick some things out for you. The genius of the model is each pair costs just $39.95, and you can skip a month and pay nothing with no repercussions.

ShoeDazzle can be so cheap because it is manufacturing and designing all its own shoes, and allows celebrities and users to design shoes too. It’s like a combo of CD clubs, Zappos, Threadless and H&M.

It was started by Brian Lee, whose first company LegalZoom is planning to go public next year. I caught up with him in Hollywood to find out more about the company and why he says more LA startups don’t make it big. Video is below.

Source: Can ShoeDazzle Finally Make Celebrity Co-Founders Pay Off? (TCTV)

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