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Amazon Fake Products and Fake Reviews

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rsk writes “The first time I came across fake reviews on Amazon, it was hilarious. Using Amazon’s Window Shop app I came across a great category, ‘Peculiar Products,’ and was more than happy to look through it. Almost every one of the products I found on the list (Uranium Ore, 1 Gallon of Milk, Parent Child Test, Fresh Whole Rabbit) were fake with thousands of reviews on them. As a shopper, I wasn’t aware of how easy it was to apparently fake product reviews and it bothers me. When I’m shopping, the first (and a lot of times only) place I visit is Amazon to read the reviews if I’m in the market for something. I don’t expect the reviews to be the word of God, but I do assume a certain level of legitimacy for most of them. While this won’t effect my use of Amazon (especially not at this time of the year) I would like to bubble this up to Amazon’s attention so some time is spent on improving the quality of the reviews.”

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