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Facebook Director Of Platform: Spotify *Is* Facebook Music

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When asked on stage today whether there will ever be a “Zynga of music” i.e. a company that leverages social in order to disrupt the music space Director of the Facebook Developer platform Ethan Beard said that Facebook is in fact in the music business.

“Spotify is Facebook Music,” Beard said, revealing that when Spotify, which has not yet launched in the US, integrated social features traffic to the site increased 4 times. Facebook is now the site’s number one referrer of traffic.

Beard emphasized that there is a lot of room for growth for music companies that integrate Facebook’s social features as well as Spotify has. “We want to focus on building out the building blocks of the social graph so companies can build on top of it,” Beard said.

The much buzzed about Spotify has been talking about a U.S. launch for well over a year, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Source: Facebook Director Of Platform: Spotify *Is* Facebook Music

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